Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sophie & Nick

So to set the scene, Saturday 16th February, stormy summer afternoon, pouring with rain our team heads over to Rodd Island on Sydney harbour to cater for 75 guests with all the gear loaded on a water taxi, to cook in a gazebo thinking how are we going to pull this one off. 

We arrive and trolley everything over the little hill and start to get set up, drenched. 
The island has no electricity but a beautiful little hall that the groom and groomsmen have set up like a festive picnic, praying for sun. 

Three  beautiful cocktail dispensers,vintage ball glasses to hold the beverages,  ice buckets brimming with beers and plenty of food to feed the hungry guests, if only the rain would ease. So the count down was on, the guests start to arrive and the bride putts by in a gorgeous little boat to set the scene. We are starting to dry out and the ceremony has begun. 

As if they have had a union made in heaven, the rain departs, the summer sun beams down on us all, dries out the catering team and a magical day was had by all! they even got to play the shuttlecock and boules that had been organised prior to the crazy summer weather. All in all a success! so here a a few pictures to prove we made it and celebrate the vintage tea houses on the islands dotted through the harbour, highly recommended for a wedding venue, even if the weather doesn't agree! 


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