Friday, July 13, 2012

Salad Love......

Salad Love.....
I have been loving the warm weather today and it has inspired me to quickly post a few snaps taken on my phone, so please excuse the photography, during my cooking sessions in the kitchen in warmer weather when all you want to eat is light, crunchy, clean, healthy food. I am a big fan of the salad and any way to make vegetables and salad ingredients more interesting and appealing to all the better.
I feel as if today you go for quick and not nessecaraliy heathy, I was ready a celebrity magazine the other day and actually, shock horror, got a fabulous tip that said if it goes off in 5 days or under it probably isnt that good for you ( not the pantry staples that is). But it made sense, it may take a few minutes longer and a touch more experimentation but it is well worth the chop!

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