Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The White House Cont'd...

I Cant help but be dreaming of the weather in Bali at the momment. I know I should be embracing winter and cooking beautiful braises and relishing the time of year in Sydney while we have it but....I love the heat!

Mind you I did cook a lovely lamb shank and cinnamon braise yesterday that makes me happy it is cold.

So I thought a few more snaps of this pretty house and its surroundings wouldn't go astray. The people who look after the property keep it beautiful although are nice and relaxed about it. They are helpful and very friendly, when you lease the house for a holiday you also get a beautiful lady who will cook breakfast and keep the place in order for the day.

The bathroom shots are also from the shack out the back that sleeps 2 in the double bed. I love the black washed polished concrete and the Mexican style tiles from Java. There are so many talented crafts in Indonesia and it is great to see them all displayed.

See you next year White house!

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